Invited Speakers

  • Buljan, Maja
    Institut Ruđer Bošković

    Ion Beam Modification of Thin Films and Surfaces: Quantum Dot Formation and Characterization by GISAXS
  • Chowdhury, Debasree
    Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

    Highly Regular Arrays of Faceted Nanostructure Formation on Semiconductor Surfaces by Reverse Epitaxy during Ion Beam Sputtering
  • Cuerno, Rodolfo
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

    Nanoscale pattern formation: an interplay between hard and soft condensed matter physics
  • Kim, Jae-Sung
    Sook-Myung Women’s University
    South Korea

    Nanopatterning by ion-beam-sputtering in non-conventional formats
  • Krok, Franciszek
    Jagiellonian University

    Growth of molecular thin films on flat and ion-irradiated TiO2(110) surfaces
  • Mennucci, Carlo
    Università di Genova

    Self-Organized Nanopatterning of MoS2 2-D Nanosheets: Tailoring Anisotropic opto-electronic properties
  • Norris, Scott
    Southern Methodist University

    Distinguishing physical mechanisms using GISAXS experiments and linear theory: the importance of high wavenumbers
  • Pierre-Louis, Olivier
    Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

    Modeling Solid-State Wetting and Dewetting
  • Rodriguez de la Fuente, Oscar
    Universidad Complutense

    Use of Low Energy Ion Bombardment to generate epitaxial thin films and bilayers of sub-oxides
  • Shipman, Patrick
    Colorado State University

    The Soft Mode Plays A Role In Defect Persistence In Pattern-Forming Systems