Nanostructures in silica are very interesting both from a basic science and application point of view. For instance, nanocrystals in silica have been shown to emit and amplify light, and to have solid-state memory functionality. Swift (MeV and GeV) heavy ion irradiation has been shown to elongate the nanocrystals into nanorods, making for a unique way to prepare nanorods inside materials.

Due to such recent advances, it is now very timely to organize a focused workshop on the atomic-level properties of nanostructures in silica and how these relate to potential applications.

The workshop will be held in Finnish Lapland in the holiday area Saariselkä, which features several hotels, a spa, as well as numerous restaurants ranging from hamburger places to fine dining ones. It is also situated next to one of the largest national parks in Finland, which offers excellent and versatile hiking opportunities.

Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 60 persons. Attendees will be chosen based on relevance and quality of abstracts.

Time: September 7-9, 2009 (arrival and welcome reception September 6)
Venue: Hotel Riekonlinna, Saariselkä in Finnish Lapland
Programme: to be announced on the programme page

Important dates

2009-06-01 - Registration closed
2009-09-06 - Welcome reception
2009-09-07 - Workshop starts in the morning
2009-09-09 - Workshop ends in the afternoon


At the University of Helsinki:

Prof. Kai Nordlund
Department of Physics
Doc. Leonid Khriachtchev
Department of Chemistry
Dr. Flyura Djurabekova
Department of Physics
Dr. Olli Pakarinen
Department of Physics
Ms. Marie Backman
Department of Physics

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